Pogba’s Transfer Changed the Transfer Market

Great Oriahi

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7 Responses

  1. philip says:

    Nice one Masterkeyz.

  2. Samuel Eromosele says:

    Bro I disagree with you big time.. The transfer market is changing and is not due to pogba’s transfer. Maybe it contributed but It’s way beyond that and I don’t want to go into details. My problem is with the worth, pogba was and is and will continue to be worth every penny man united paid for him. There are valid reasons.

  3. Samuel Eromosele says:

    Firstly let me tell u about worth…a players worth is judged based on certain criteria apart from what he does on the pitch..firstly his age which affects his resale value and secondly his market value, what he brings to the clubs market from shirt sales and so on and pogba ticks all the boxes.

    • Great Oriahi says:

      shirt sales is normal for any transfer. My point is that the transfer market changed after Pogba’s signing. Ousmane Dembele is going to be signed for 150 million. We all know that he is good, but is he worth that much? Second highest transfer in history?

  4. Phrankelle says:

    Thumbs up. It’s no longer a question of a player being worth a particular sum of money. It’s now: “If you want him, you should be willing to spend on him”… Juventus, Pogba, and Manchester United set the pace, the likes of Barcelona, Neymar and PSG have followed suit and even surpassed them.

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