Mourinho’s Tactics: Strictly defense?

Great Oriahi

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7 Responses

  1. Iboi Osilama says:

    True… Very true… That’s it’s philosophy and it’s working pretty well for him….. Good work….Sir

  2. Idogar Christopher says:

    In as much, winning is important… Playing the right way is too… A lot of coaches have showed over the years that you can play good football against all the teams and still win trophies… Guardiola has won multiple trophies playing good football regardless of the team he faces… For a club of Manchester United stature to be packing the bus is appalling… They claim to be a big team, they should play like wan… They have the players to play good football against the best teams, but they have a coach who is too pragmatic…. The truth is no matter what Mourinho wins, people still rate Guardiola better. Why? He teams plays football the right way, they take the initiative and try to dominate…

    Even with real Madrid he still packed bus, imagine

    • Great Oriahi says:

      I agree with you.I am a big fan of attacking football, but my stand is that defense is also part of football and that it is better to win as Mourinho,than lose as Wenger.

  3. Idogar Christopher says:

    Lol, true… But Wenger has still won playing good football…

    Even that Barcelona team that conquered the world around 2009-2011 under the tutorship of guardiola, their defense wasn’t up to scratch, but they never allowed their defense to be tested regularly by making sure they monopolized possession of the ball, even when they lose the ball, they’d press you immediately and get it back, that’s the hallmark of guardiola… Lemme tell you sir, if mourinho was the coach of Barcelona, he would still have deployed defensive tactics, because it’s his mentality, no one can change it…. Can’t even bear the thought of seeing Iniesta and Messi siting back in their own half and waiting for the other team to make mistake

  4. Oriahi Marian says:

    Good job!

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