Arsenal vs Chelsea Tactical Analysis. Arteta 0 – Lampard 1

Great Oriahi

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6 Responses

  1. Idogar Christopher says:


    Arsenal tired out during the second half, they couldn’t maintain the intensity they had showed in the first half.
    A tight game with little margin for error. Leno’s suspicious goalkeeping was the turning point. Arsenal will be gutted with this result.. Thumbs up to Chelsea though, they kept plugging away and got their reward.

    • Great Oriahi says:

      Yes. Leno’s mistake sold the match. Arteta looks good though, at least his team try to play football. Good win for Lampard and Chelsea.

  2. Isaac Daniel says:

    Arsenal did well, unfortunately we couldn’t keep up as time went by and just sat at the back like scared girls.

    • Great Oriahi says:

      Lol. Guess they got tired. Couldn’t maintain the intensity and the personnel on the bench failed to help matters.

  3. Emmanuel says:

    Nice one bro great

  4. Erons says:

    They didn’t do well..They were too sloppy with poor wisdom to utilise chances created.

    The injuries are setting in, which is also another difficulty

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