Arsenal vs Chelsea Match analysis: 5 things we learned

Great Oriahi

Oriahi Great is the one in charge of sportstotality. He is a sports lover, sports writer, analyst, and a student of Petroleum Engineering in a renowned University. His blogging is drawn out from a passion to write analytically and argue objectively issues in the world of sports.

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2 Responses

  1. Alex Ael says:

    nice piece… morata tho_ I think he deserves a break from all these backlash on the net…yes he played badly buh common!!!he ain’t killed no body yet, his team mates should have found chances to score if they were all that good too😒

    • Great Oriahi says:

      You’re quite right. He had a bad day, but with social media these days, it’s hard for him to go without people lashing him. For now, Lukaku has found a substitute.

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